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The band….

Lazy Grey is a Belgian blues band that burst onto the scene in 2019, bringing their powerful and rocking blues sound to audiences across the country. With their lineup of talented musicians, Lazy Grey has created a buzz with their captivating performances and reminiscent style, evoking shades of bands like Bad Company, Joe Bonamassa and Deep Purple.

At the forefront of the band is Thomas Maenhout, the lead vocalist whose passionate and soulful voice commands attention. Thomas’s emotive delivery and dynamic stage presence breathe life into Lazy Grey’s blues compositions, allowing the audience to feel every word and note.

Jan Meijers lays down the solid foundation of the band’s sound with his skillful bass playing. His grooves and rhythms provide the backbone for Lazy Grey’s rocking blues sound, ensuring that the audience feels the music deep in their bones.

Robert Bear Cogen, the band’s drummer, brings a driving energy to the mix. His powerful beats and impeccable timing give Lazy Grey’s music its infectious and foot-stomping quality, creating a compelling rhythm section that keeps the band locked in tight.

Joost de Lange takes charge of the lead and rhythm guitar duties, infusing Lazy Grey’s sound with scorching solos and infectious riffs. Joost’s skillful playing adds depth and texture to the band’s music, taking the audience on a journey through the blues-rock landscape.

Stefan Verbeek’s expertise on the Hammond organ brings a rich and soulful element to Lazy Grey’s sound. His mastery of the instrument adds layers of melody and emotion, creating an atmospheric backdrop that elevates the band’s performance to new heights.

Together, the members of Lazy Grey create a synergy that is greater than the sum of its parts. Their collective talent, shared passion for blues-rock music, and energetic performances result in a truly authentic and rocking blues experience.

As Lazy Grey continues to make their mark on the blues-rock landscape, their real rocking blues sound and infectious energy promise to keep audiences hooked and craving more. With their talents and dedication, Lazy Grey is poised to become a force to be reckoned with in the world of blues-rock music.